January 16, 2015

Boots to Bridles

President            Jarren Howard

Vice President     Shay Percival

Secretary           Ty Percival

Treasurer            Leo Ferraro

Council Rep        Madaline Redden, Shay Percival

Born For 4-H

President            Mia Harrison

Vice President     Ashleigh MacLennan

Secretary           Emma Woodford

Treasurer            Takota Runnells

Historian            Lydia Loken, Jaycee Fuller

Council Rep         Ashleigh MacLennan

Country Clovers

Country Club

President            Bunk Jackson

Vice President   Gage McPhail

Secretary           Ellie Jackson

Treasurer            William Young III

Council Rep        Clara Cranor, Aurora Kattnig

Future Fitters

President            Catherine Washburn

Vice President     Nichole McVey

Secretary           Annie Schoenmaker

Treasurer            Porter Washburn

Historian            Abigail Rourke

Get Your Goat

President            Kaytlin Camp

Vice Presidents Kali Wiggin, Jake Parmeter

Secretary           Jason Vader

Treasurer            Alex Hays

Historian            Annelise Pelletier

Council Rep      Kali Wiggin

Crafty Critters

Young Guns

President            Calvin Sabrowski

Vice President    Savannah Schmalz

Secretary           Tabitha Lindahl

Treasurer            Chance Mears

Reporter            Trey Mears

Council Reps     Clay Sabrowski, Melita Ferchau



December 12, 2014

Enroll Today


Re-enroll for the 2015 4-H year today. Please enroll if you have not done so by January 1.

You will enroll at 4HOnline. Electronic signatures will be valid. You will have access to the system and your information throughout the 4-H year to update information, add or drop projects, and register for events. You will be invoiced for the $20 per member enrollment fee ($50.00 for three or more family members.) Or, you can drop your enrollment fee off at the Extension office.

Use the re-enrollment toolkit if needed. Don’t hesitate to call if you need some help at 641-1260.

Please help club and project leaders out by getting your enrollments in. Some project help will start in January. Don’t lose out so enroll now.

New Enrollment Deadlines **Take Note** Swine and Goat Project Members

All members (new and returning) must be enrolled by March 1. Project Drop Deadline will be May 1. 


December 12, 2014


Reserve Your Gingerbread House Now!

All 4-H members and Cloverbuds are invited to bring a friend to decorative a gingerbread house that they can share with their families this holiday season.  In order to join the fun, call the Extension Office, 641-1260, by December 17 to reserve your house.  All supplies and materials necessary to decorate a house will be provided, including gingerbread walls, mortar made of frosting, and all sorts of decorations.  The festivities will begin at 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, December 18 in the VanTyle Room at the Fred Field Heritage Center. $2 for 4-H members, and $5 for non-members.  Join the fun!

Make You Better Day

4-H Member Make You Better Day January 3

Gunnison County 4-H Council has created a fun afternoon of activities geared towards members that are wanting to build their teamwork, leadership, and public speaking skills. The fun begins at Jorgensen Event Center for skating at 12:00 noon and then we will move to the Fred Field Heritage Center. 1:00 to 4:00 will be filled with games and activities that target these skills. Eat before you come or bring your lunch. New club officers and leaders are also encouraged to attend.


Leadership Development Conference January 23-25

Kick off to the conference is a visit to the State Capitol to celebrate the Colorado 4-H Day Resolution and Governor’s Proclamation on Friday, January 23, 2015. 4-H Day is a long-standing tradition established in the mid-1960s to honor all the youth involved in 4-H in Colorado. The weekend conference includes hands on activities that develop leadership, teamwork, presentation skills.

LDC is for members ages 14-18 as of December 31, 2014. We will leave Gunnison afterschool on Thursday, January 22 and return in evening of Sunday, January 25. Transportation will be provided. The conference will be held at the Renaissance Denver Hotel. Conference lodging and registration will be $95 plus some meal expenses. Please register at 4H Online before January 9. If you have any questions please contact Nadine at 641-1260.


Youth Fest on February 6-8, 2015

Youth Fest will be held at Ponderosa Retreat Center in Larkspur. Youth Fest is for 4-H members ages 9-13. Registration is $75.00. Youth will participate in character building, teamwork, and critical thinking activities during the camp. Register on 4HOnline between January 15 and January 30.


December 12, 2014

National Western passes

Please swing by the Extension office and pick up passes if you are headed that way. You will need them if you are attending a non-ticketed event.

New SteerWeigh-InDate


December 12, 2014

Enroll Today

Leaders Re-Enroll for 2014-2015

Club and project leaders need to re-enroll in 4-H every year to remain active volunteers and avoid going through the volunteer screening process again. You can re-enroll through 4HOnline at any time.

wrlf table tent.FH11

Volunteer Workshops Coming Up

The Gunnison Extension office will be hosting local volunteer workshops as part of the Western Region Leaders Forum. Join 4-H volunteers from across the western region and around the nation. Be inspired, share ideas, interact with many, diverse 4-H volunteers and staff, and receive resources from multiple states—to use in clubs now. Since club attendance always seems to be a challenge participation in the January sessions is encouraged. Any volunteer or parent is welcome to attend. Sessions will take place in the Multi-Purpose Building. Please let us know if you are interested in attending one or more of these sessions.

Youth Connect at Great Meetings
Tuesday, January 27, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

“That was a GREAT 4-H MEETING!” Join Oregon 4-H volunteers and staff for the 2015 WRLF. Be inspired by adults (Oregon, Wisconsin) who help you practice leadership at every age, and have fun at club meeting while learning and conducting business. See ways that 4-H club meetings are the right environment to include the essential elements: belonging, mastery, generosity and independence. See a video to learn fundamental Parliamentary Procedure (New Mexico). What other ways can members use to make decisions during club meetings? How should committees work? Chris Clover will share answers to these questions and others during “Youth Connect. At Great Meetings”. Receive videos, lesson plans, activities and print materials to learn more and use in clubs. 4-H member-volunteer partnerships can create many effective, educational experiences! Every 4-H meeting can be GREAT!

Widening the Circle: Special Connections
Thursday, February 12, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Discover strategies to recruit and include youth with special needs. Read more.

Youth Connecting in Your Community
Monday, March 2, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Discover strategies to include community service and citizenship in 4-H. Read more.


December 12, 2014

AwardsCongratulations to all who completed their projects and made contributions to their clubs and community. 2014 was a great 4-H year. Than you to 4-H Council, clubs, advisors, leaders, and parents for all their hard work putting together the Achievement Banquet. Your help is greatly appreciated. Let’s applaud the following members, leaders, and clubs for their achievement. 

Leader of the Year: Lenora and Garland Mears

Senior Member of the Year: Tabitha Lindahl

Intermediate Member of the Year: Catherine Washburn

Junior Member of the Year: Porter Washburn

Clubs of the Year: Born for 4-H, Future Fitters, Get Your Goat, and Young Guns

Krisjan Harnish Master Horseman: Madaline Redden

Supreme Goat Participant: Ivy Pelletier, Champion; and Annelise Pelletier, R. Champion

Master Swine Producer: Kathryn Guerrieri, Champion; Wade Johnson, R. Champion

Master Beef Producer: Cary Nordberg, Champion; Connor Stahlnecker, R. Champion

Master Sheep Producer: Molly Jackson, Champion; Clara Cranor, R. Champion

Master Goat Producer: Riley Roper, Champion, Colten Crittendon, R. Champion

Please thank our Friends of 4-H when you see them for all the support they provide to the program: Wendy Buckhanan, 4-H Horse Comm., Edward Howard, Larry Martin, Sherry and Bill Redden, Keith and Robyn Robinson, and Lori Wilcox.

aksarbenCongratulations to Calvin Sabrowski!

Calvin took his 4-H steer to AK-SAR-BEN Livestock Show in Omaha, Nebraska. He received a blue ribbon in all of his weight and Showmanship classes and placed first in the Beef Carcass Contest.



December 12, 2014

Christmas Card14