youthfestYouth Fest on February 6-8

Youth Fest will be held at Ponderosa Retreat Center in Larkspur. Youth Fest is for 4-H members ages 9-13. Registration is $75.00. Youth will participate in character building, teamwork, and critical thinking activities during the camp. Registration deadline is January 30.

???????????????????????Consider Livestock Judging

There will be a livestock judging informational meeting Tuesday, January 27 at 4:00 p.m. at the Extension office.

Consider Livestock Judging!  What was once a sport for only agricultural kids has developed into a sport for kids of all backgrounds.  Livestock Judging not only teaches selection of livestock, it teaches public speaking, self-confidence, and hones decision making skills. Judging classes are usually once per week afterschool starting in February.  Contests are usually held every weekend starting mid-March-mid-May.  Contests and classes are voluntary, however to receive a jacket a new member must attend at least two contests. Gunnison judging is a positive experience for everyone.  Judging is a self-paced program; some are ready for public speeches after the first year, while others it takes time.  Come to the meeting to find out more, meet the coaches, and help schedule class dates that work for everyone.  If you can’t come contact Eric for more details, 641-1260 or eric.mcphail@colostate.edu.


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