APRIL 2014

April 8, 2014

Enrollment Deadline

All families and members participating in 4-H this year must be enrolled by April 30.

All projects must be added or dropped by Wednesday, April 30. This means if you have changed your mind or feel you will not be able to complete a project, you need to DROP that project by April 30 via 4-H Online. Please call the office if you need help to do this, 641-1260. If you need to ADD a project you must do this by April 30.

Reminder: All market swine, lamb, and goat projects must be added or enrolled by April 30.

Please make sure you are enrolled in any breeding or leased animal projects by April 30.

Postcard CloverThis Week is National Volunteer Week

Take a moment to thank your 4-H volunteer leader this week. We often forget them, but we can’t live without them. They receive no salary but one payment would be to use their knowledge and follow their example so when they look at the youth they have helped build they hear a voice that says “well done.”

Speaking of Volunteers–Opportunities Available

The General Project, Horse, and Livestock Committees—Volunteer Leaders that make the Gunnison County 4-H Program happen—could use some more members. Contact Nadine if at interested in helping on these committees. Time commitments vary. Hopefully facilitating and guiding youth to become positive young adults is a very rewarding experience.



April 8, 2014

4-H Council Meeting
April 23
6:00 p.m. Pizza Night!
Mergelmen 4-H Building

Any members, leaders, parents can attend.
This will be last meeting before the summer. We will have sign up sheets for Livestock Judging Contest in May and for Cattlemen’s Concession Stand. Club reps need to have their reports prepared and written out. We will be doing a club reporting activity.
Those members planning to attend June Conference, State Fair, or other 4-H summer events can and should request financial support from your council to attend these events. You need to do so at this April meeting.


April 8, 2014

Dog-TrainingDog Obedience Project will start in May. Please attend the dog less orientation meeting April 30 at 5:30 p.m. in the Mergelmen 4-H building.

Other General Projects are rolling along. Please check the Calendar.


pigChanges to Swine Show and Contests for 2014

There will be no Swine Breeding Show in 2014 due to the recent heightened risks associated
with the outbreaks of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV). This doesn’t really affect
anyone since there are no members enrolled in Swine Breeding.

There will be no Swine Rate of Gain contest.

At this time, the Jr. Livestock Committee is researching how to safely ID/tag project pigs and
make a determination if the 2014 Cattlemen’s Day’s Swine Show will be terminal for all entries.
Market Swine members will be informed how to ID their project pigs for 2014 by the end of the month.

The reason for the cancellation and other changes this year is because pigs are being bought from multiple states from multiple sources right now. If a youth brings a weaned pig home and it was exposed to the PED virus their premises, and other pigs coming in contact with the pig, could get the disease. This virus is mainly spread in manure; so any animal coming to show could leave with the disease. The virus is not transmittable to people or other species of livestock. It is much like a bad stomach flu which causes vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea. Most young pigs infected do not survive. This has been a devastating new virus for many farrowing units in the US and Colorado. I encourage all members and families to think about biosecurity this year! Please call Eric if you have questions about anything. Each family can research PEDV further by visiting: www.pork.org/pedv
and Colorado State University Veterinarian Extension.


Market Goat & Market Sheep Weigh-In, Sunday May 4

–Market Lamb and Goat Weigh-in 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Please walk your animal to the scale

–State Fair nominations or ids will also be done at this weigh-in.

–Swine members will be informed how and when to ID their swine project animals.

Quality Assurance

Public confidence in our meat products is extremely important to the success of the livestock industry. Maintaining healthy animals should be a top priority with any breeding or pet animal project. Youth livestock projects play an important role in building or losing the trust of our consumers and the public. It is important that youth livestock exhibitors exceed the standard in producing quality, defect-free livestock for consumers and have a basic understanding or proper animal care.

4-H members, and a parent or guardian, participating in any livestock project (market or breeding) are required to attend the yearly Meat Quality Assurance/Animal Care Program at least once if they are ages 8-13 or a first year exhibitor in each species. Each exhibitor who is 14 must also have attended as a review. Anyone can attend as a review every year.

The program is new and improved. They will be scheduled for early May.

horse Horse Members: Be looking for your Horse Packet in the mail. Horse ID’s are due May 1.



April 8, 2014

Unique Opportunity

Union Congregational Church in Crested Butte is having an Animal Blessing June 8 at 9:00 a.m. Any 4-H member is welcome to bring their animal(s)—large and small. Church member and 4-H volunteer Reggie Masters, thought it would also be a great 4-H promotional opportunity for future years. If you would be planning on bringing a larger animal, pens, etc. please let Reggie know soon. The church would need to arrange for space in the street with the town of Crested Butte. Reggie’s number is 349-5145.


Community Service Opportunity—For All of Us

Gunnison County 4-H Program will be raking leaves at the Pioneer Museum.

Monday, April 28 from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

Dress appropriately; bring a rake, gloves, hat, etc.

All clubs, all members!



April 8, 2014

BrookeBrooke Winter-Potter Joins the 4-H Extension Team


Gunnison County 4-H Program gains additional leadership and support from a new part time 4-H Coordinator.


Brooke Winter-Potter grew up in small town in upstate New York. Growing up, Brooke attended 4-H Camp Owahta as a camper for many years and then ended up working at the camp for six years. She attended Unity College in Maine, studying Adventure Therapy. During her time at Unity College, Brooke participated in an Outward Bound Leadership Semester in Utah, and studied abroad in Adelaide, Australia. Also, during her senior year at Unity, Brooke did an adaptive skiing internship in Virgil, New York. After graduation, Brooke worked at Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center in the Harbor Islands, in Boston. She moved to Gunnison in January, and is balancing her time between her two jobs, here at Gunnison County 4-H and 6 Points Training and Evaluation, her two dogs, and the ongoing activities in town.


Eric, Nadine, and Lori are very excited to have Brooke help “make the best better” and she is looking forward to meeting you all.