horseHorse Members

Get rested up and geared up. New activities and opportunities are coming your way.

Born for 4-H club welcomes all horse members to their horse activities. Two are coming up:

Pattern Practice: Sunday, March 2 at the Multi-Purpose Building

How to Tie Your Horse: Thursday, March 13 at 6:00 p.m. in the Mergelmen 4-H Building.

A Horse Member packet will be sent to all Horse members with info and registration forms for the spring events.

The following is a tentative schedule for this spring:

May 1              Horse ID’s Due

May 31            English Riding Clinic (Tentative)

June 10-11       4-H Horse Camp

June 14            Gymkhana

June 21            4-H Schooling Show

June 27-28       District Horse Show in Hotchkiss

TBD                  Working Ranch Horse Clinic

July 5               4-H Horse Show

Horse Levels-Riding and Knowledge Motivation

Now is a good time to invest in working on your levels certification. Take your Horse Levels written tests! Make an appointment with Nadine to take your test. If you feel you need to study then become real familiar with your horse manual. If you don’t have a horse manual then pick one up at the Extension office. Information and study guides are located at

animal graphicLivestock and Small Animal Projects

Manuals for beef, swine, lamb, goat, horse, dog, and rabbit are also available in the Extension office. These are excellent resources for raising and feeding your animal and completing your record book. Project help is available for your project also.


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