July 30, 2013

Please note the following deadlines if you are exhibiting at Colorado State Fair:
Livestock, Horse, Dog Obedience, Creative Cooks, Shooting Sports, Rocket Contest and any other Contest participants must have their entries done by this Friday, August 2. Livestock and Horse premium books are located at

Contact Nadine to enter Contests.

General Project State Fair Qualifiers need to have their projects and record books at the Extension office by noon on August 13. Minor improvements and additions can be added to your record book. Nadine will make the entries, take, and pick up your project from Pueblo. Projects will be on display at Colorado State Fair from August 23 through September 2.
For complete State Fair information go to



July 30, 2013

Pick Up Your Projects

Please pick up your general project. If you left your project to go to State Fair then pick up your ribbons, score sheet, and premium money.

Thank Your Buyers

Sellers (Livestock and General) need to have their buyer thank yous done by August 12. The Livestock Committee reserves the right to withhold 10% of consigner’s net check amount if the seller has not written a thank you within 30 days of Junior Livestock Sale. Penalty money will be added to the Glen George/Harry Miller Scholarship.

Bring your thank you letter to the Extension office. You will receive a check release to pick up your check at Gunnison Bank and Trust when they are ready.

Pick Up Premium Money

Don’t forget to collect premium money in the Extension office by August 12. If you placed 1st through 3rd in a Livestock or Horse class then you are eligible for premiums. Premium money is award for 1st through 4th place General Projects.

Thank the Sponsor and Pick Up Your Awards

There are close to 20 Livestock, Horse, and General project championship prizes that haven’t been picked up. Please write your thank you to the sponsor, bring to Extension office, and receive your award.


July 30, 2013

Livestock, Horse, Rabbit, Poultry Record Books due August 9 in the Extension office.

Use the Livestock and Horse Record Book Guide located at under Download Record Books.
Nadine will be glad to answer questions and help anytime.

Market vs. Show Sale Price Data for Market Projects

Use the following for Floor Price or Market Price in your record book.

Beef = $1.20
Swine = $.80
Lamb = $1.15
Goat = $1.15

Explanation of Your Livestock Sale Check Deductions

The following is a reminder or notice of the deductions that will be subtracted from your final animal sale amount. These should be recorded appropriately in your record book.

∙ 1 % is deducted for insurance that covers the value of your animal from the time it is weighed in through the time it is butchered (hanging on the hook).
∙ 5% is deducted to cover the expenses of the sale. Some of these expenses include buyer invitations, advertising, bar-b-que meals for past and potential buyers, buyer board printing and shavings.
∙ $4.00 is deducted to cover the cost of buyer photos, certificates and ribbons.
∙ Optional Forever Fund donation. Amount determined by the seller.


July 30, 2013

Rate of Gain, Carcass, and Knowledge Tests

Results will be posted at by August 1.

Fall Leaders Forum

Colorado 4-H Leaders Forum will be held in Gunnison September 27-28. This is a state wide opportunity for any and all 4-H volunteers, leaders, and parents. The 2013 Forum is hosted by District 10 4-H leaders and staff. If you would like to be on the planning and hosting committee please give Nadine a call. There will be all levels of helping and participating.
More information to follow.

Play to Win! Buy Your Truck Tickets Now

Colorado 4-H Foundation truck raffle tickets are still available in the Extension office. Tickets cost just $5.00 each, or $20 for 5. Forty percent from each ticket will be returned to the county program. The remaining funds will be used to fund special 4-H youth programs open to 4-H members across the state.
Grand Prize: Ford F10 Pickup
Cash Prizes: $1000, $750, $500, $250


July 30, 2013

Looking for a little adventure before school starts? How about climbing a mountain? If you would be interested in climbing Sunshine Peak, south of Lake City, on August 20 contact Nadine, 641-1260. This would be a tough but doable day for anyone up for a physical challenge. We would leave late afternoon on August 19 and camp at the trail head. Hike early and return home the same day. This activity would be great for our emerging new leaders in grades 8 and above. All you have to do is show up with your personal gear and a can-do attitude.


July 30, 2013

We are very thankful for the continued support and help of volunteers and businesses that contribute their time, equipment, and energy every year. It takes a lot of people to make the youth shows, exhibits, and livestock sale happen.

Every show participant (and their family helpers) deserves a huge thank you for all the hard work you did to help set up, tear down, and clean up and prepare your project for exhibit. Everyone did a great job.

Thank you to all the same members and parents who helped, guided, transported, and recruited for the Sale Promotion Day.

Thank you to Valli Funk for taking Dog Show and Horse Show pictures.

Thank you Jesse Steele for leading and managing the 4-H Dog Obedience Project. Thank you Michelle Arnett for not only being the superintendent but making the dog show happen along with Jesse; and recruiting Jack Diani to be the volunteer judge.

A big thank you for the General Project judges. These judges are not paid and give up their morning and more to judge projects: Walt Cranor, Cara Faulds, Mary Lu Harnish, Christine Harrison, Judy Jackman, Alisha Jackson, Larry Martin, Meghan Matuszczak, Kirstie Pike, Doug Spann, Rhonda Wenum, and Dan Zandra.

Thank you Tyler Haus for being a great Auctioneer for the General Project Revue and Sale.

Thank you to Kari Oulton for being a great project leader and sponsor for the Rabbit and Poultry Show.

Thank you to the Fairgrounds staff, Melody Roper, Russell Chinery, Rudy Faulds, Stan Faulds, and Sara Peters. They do a lot to set up, take down, clean up and take care of things during the week (and before and after). Thanks to Gunnison County, Marlene Crosby and Blane Mazzuca for releasing help and equipment. They provide the truck, trailer, and drivers for the livestock champion parade float. Thank you Walt Cranor and for your loader help.

Thank you Cattlemen’s Days Royalty: Hannah Wenum, Taylor Barnes, and Lily Redden.

Thank you to the Gunnison Country Times for featuring 4-H members and running results.

The Horse Show went smoothly. Thank you to Annette Fry, Ann Mae Guerrieri, Pam French, Debbie Setzer, Brenda Wiseman, Jill Grasnick, and Lisa Lyons for recording and timing. Thanks to Carol Townsend for being a great ring steward and thank you Hannah Cranor for doing whatever was needed. Thank you Peggy Dobie for announcing. Thank you to Joe Dixon for helping with the sound system. Thanks to Daryl Davis and Brett Redden we had working cow horse and goat tying classes.

Thanks to US Tractor and Harvest for loaning the tractor to move and load sawdust.

Round Robin Showmanship happens with the help of many animal holders, helpers, and judges. Thank you Sandy Guerrieri, Hannah Cranor, Shelly Jacobucci, Holly Mask, Patricia Patton, and Rhonda
Schultheis. Thank you to all the animal holders!

Thank you also to all our ring stewards: Tara Hamilton and Hannah Cranor

Thank You to all the Livestock Sale help: John Malensek, Dale Irby, and Phil
Chamberland for being bid takers; Shelly Jacobucci for announcing; Cody Downare for auctioneering. We have much appreciation for Ed Howard, CPA and Glen George family for handling the huge task of clerking the livestock sale. Thank you to Rhonda Schultheis and Kathy McAllister for helping clerk and Cara Faulds for helping with new buyer numbers. A big thanks to Dally Hanson, Taylor Barnes, and Tara Hamilton for running after buyers all afternoon.

Thank you to F-Bar Catering and John and Jan Guerrierri for their support of the livestock buyers and sale. Gunnison Ranch Land Conservation Legacy, American Ag Credit, Homestead Meats, and Atmos Energy also sponsored the Livestock Sale.

Thank you Brett Redden and the Cattlemen’s Days Committee for their support of 4-H exhibitors. Brett also donates his time and expenses to judge the beef carcasses.

The members of the Livestock Committee, Horse Committee, and General Project Committee deserve a huge thank you for all their time and work during the week and weeks and months before for Gunnison County Youth. The week would not happen without you.

General Projects Committee: Kathalene Dixon, Linette Lindahl, Stephanie Shrieves, Carolyn Taramarcaz, Clara Cranor and Tabitha Lindahl.

Horse Committee: Daryl Davis, Emma Griffin, Wendy Hanson, Sue Mundell, Neely Raska, Donner Tevis, Carol Townsend, and Dally Hanson.

Livestock Committee: Steve Hamilton, Tim Lehmann, Scott Nordberg, Randy Pool, Don Sabrowski, Megan Spann, Chuck Vader, Rhonda Wenum, Ernie Young, Tyler Haus and Calvin Sabrowski.